Monday, March 15, 2010

The Weekend

Day 33: Friday. Had African style lasagna and watched “What’s Up Doc?” with my neighbors. Cheery conversation. A pleasant time.

Day 33-Saturday. Solid community building accomplished today. Two of my 12th graders organized a huge charity fundraiser for violence against African women. It was a real community building project, bringing together students, teachers, families, and community members for games, face painting, a garage sale, a coke guzzling contest, raffles, hamburgers, and so much more. For a while I ran a bean bag toss, but then was recruited to be the teacher in “throw sponges at the teacher’s face” booth. Quite a few students had good aim and hit me. At one point I even did some arm wrestling, but here I triumphed against some high school girls! That rebuilt my self esteem after the earlier sponges in my face. Overall the event was a success-fun and beneficial to all involved. I’m proud of those girls for organizing it.

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