Thursday, November 26, 2009

Big Time Theft

Tuesday our school hosted an interschool Tanzanian soccer tournament. During the long afternoon of games a theft took place. Luckily, the dangerous thief was apprehended.

The theft? A Grade 11's backpack filled with items stolen from the boys' bathroom and a classroom. The comprehensive list includes a calculator, toilet paper, toilet cleaner, and-you guessed it-a condom. While this list may seem absurd considering the many valuable computers and electronics our school holds, it is correct.

The thief? A no-good-dirty-rotton-toilet-paper-stealing-soccer-player-from-another-school.

The Haven of Peace Academy took a collective sigh when she was successfully kicked out of the tournament.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Omens

This is a good start to Monday morning. So far the mangy dogs that normally jump all over me on my run around the German Boarding home hills were called off by their Massai owner. Next I actually had water in the locker room to shower after my morning workout-the gardener rembered to turn on the water, as he rarely does. When I went into the staffroom for my morning coffee my favorite large sized mug was sitting, ready and waiting for MOI. Worship at assembly was amazing, thanks to the vocals of a sweet Grade 12 girl. I hope this great Monday continues... This bodes well for the rest of the week.