Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend rest comes to an end...

BUT continues into the work week!

Day 27: Sunday-Sympathetically listened to a man from church vent about job frustrations. Massaged my housemate. Got a massage in return. Talked with housemates. It was good company; good community.

Day 28-Monday: Got sweaty. Picked up trash around campus during an after school teacher clean up initiative for our upcoming 15 year Haven of Peace Academy (HOPAC) birthday celebration. The Tanzanian cleaners appreciated the help, bridging some of the gap between national staff and foreign staff.

Day 29-Tuesday: Talked to my Grade 8 homeroom about Ephesians 4:17-32 and exhorted them to only speak-or type on Facebook-what is true, necessary, and kind.

Spent some time swimming in the Indian Ocean; then wandering along the beach with Ursula, the Kiswahili and German teacher at HOPAC. More relaxed conversation about everything from students we’re concerned about to why people don’t visit us in Tanzania. Some of the most satisfying community building comes from taking the time to visit with others.

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