Saturday, March 6, 2010


Day 23-Wednesday:

While Crystal, my housemate from Michigan, was cooking dinner I sat on the floor and we did a part of a Bible study on Hebrews chapters 1-2 together. Good discussion and a good time learning together.

Day 24-Thursday:
Led a Homeroom Bible study on an issue I felt was destroying community and oppressing our Upper School-bullying and ranting on Facebook. The general trend at HOPAC is similar to what's happening in schools around the world, students bash eachother and teachers on the internet and don't think of it as wrong. In the words of my homeroom students, "What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook." After much prayer I spoke about what was on my heart. Thursday I showed them a specific instance of Facebook bullying in Canada and the horrible result. I read them the Proverb warning to "guard your mouth." An interesting discussion ensued amongst my students and I.

Thursday evening I went to a dinner and cell group gathering a local pastor's house. I teach his son and daughter and enjoyed seeing them lead cell.

Day 25: Friday morning I arrived to find an anonymous e-mail written to me entitled "get out." It was filled with horrible insults to me personally and was obviously from a disgruntled Grade 11 or 12 student unhappy with his or her grade on a Literature Mock Exam test he or she sat this week. What struck me was how they hurt me where I'm most sensitive, and the student couldn't possibly have known that. Is this because of my Thursday homeroom?

Spent sometime in the evening with Crystal praying about this and other spiritual attacks.

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