Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Silver Sands Beach

Day 21: First day back to school after break. This meant reconnecting with teachers by talking about their long weekend and catching up with my Grade 9 students. It was nice to get away from Dar for four days, but it’s nice to be back to teaching my teens, too.

Day 22: After school Ursula- a German lady who’s been teaching in Tanzania for 15 years- and I meandered down to Silver Sands Beach. With the hotel escari (guard) watching for thieves we swam in the choppy waves and luxuriated in the sun and the miles of clear sky. Afterwards we sat on the sand and talked about, “cabbages and kings.”

This was community building. This was pleasurable. So why are there so few harmonious communities? People are missing out by isolating themselves from relationships for their electronics, work, or sports, or whatever occupies their time.

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