Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Community Needed: Middle School Girls.

Day 17: Led assembly this morning for 6-8 Grade girls at school. My topic was “challenging wrong culture” and I discussed women in Bangladesh stepping outside acceptable Muslim conventions to take a job with the NGO Symbiosis, which includes all kinds of cultural “no, no’s,” including riding bikes. Also I talked about the Biblical model of a woman stepping out to protect her people in Queen Esther. Next I filtered it down to their level, asking them to think about ungodly culture around them. Should they be challenging gossiping or cliques at school? We watched a clip from Mean Girls and did some role playing of scenarios facing teen girls, then had a productive discussion. From the expression on some of their faces I could tell the idea of challenging wrong culture gave them something to think about and, Lord willing, to act on.

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