Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The weather has been gentle and breezy these past few days, so early this morning I woke up before dawn slipped downstairs for a jog around the pond.

Hidden from my sight in the bushes and trees, the birds called and chattered to each other as I enjoyed the early morning peace. Rounding a bend I passed the mosque, filled with men in Islamic hats and punjabis at early morning prayers.

The precise moment when night slips away and the sun pokes its head up over the edge of the earth is a moment I usually miss; this morning was different. A small gasp escaped me as the fiery sun broke over the tops of the towering block houses, across the tree tops, and illuminated the path ahead of me.

This morning scene was worth the few minutes of missed sleep.


  1. It's so beautiful here right now and I am SUCH a SLUG! Thankful you were up and ready for the splendor of Our King.

    Your Mom gave me your greeting last night!

    Acacia wrote the most wonderful story for my English class. I've encouraged your Mom to email it to you!

  2. you write beautifully. I can see this through your words.