Thursday, February 12, 2009

On first reflection my past week has sadly been lacking in quality blog material, mainly because I've had zero creative energy for writing since my days have been crammed with meetings, writing student attainment targets, teaching English to my slum school students out in Badda Bazaar, orientation to the SIL/Wycliffe offices out in Uttara, and other such unblog worthy material. My time is scheduled down to the minute, meaning I leave my house before seven each morning and don't get home until bed time, when I collapse tiredly on to my bed.

My original excuse for neglecting my blog was lack of interesting writing material as no one wants to hear about staff meetings and the like, but this is untrue. As Joel pointed out a few weeks back, it's not about having something to write about, it's about putting an interesting spin on everyday occurrences.

Granted, my everyday Bangladeshi occurrences are far from mundane for most of my western readers.

Let me prove his point by giving a taste of random happenings from my work-filled week.

Tuesday: As usual I cycled to school, passing one of those bicycle pulled caged-in-carts that take neatly uniformed Bengali girls to school. I make it a habit to stick my tongue out at the girls when I pass by, but this morning one girlie beat me to it, peeking at me between the bars and sticking her tongue out at me.

Wednesday: During a heated game of soccer with my Grace International School students, I was up against the other team's striker, attempting to steal the ball. His method of distracting me was to invite me for a hot cup of tea later that day. The next morning he asked why I never showed up for the tea.

Thursday: Mary Poppins blew into Dhaka today with her huge black umbrella. Despite it being the dry season, Dhaka citizens awoke to breezes and small rain showers. When it first started raining my Y7s shouted "let's go outside and play in the rain!" and were genuinely surprised that I didn't halt English class to let them.

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