Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey Girlies- Here's Some Girl Empowerment!

The results from a fundraising swim I swam in last Friday morning just came out, and after a month of hard training I feel the need to brag a bit about the results.

It was a 60 minute swim where 40ish people swam as many laps (25 meters a lap) as they could to raise money for an AUSAID affiliated program working to prevent drownings in Bangladesh; the number one killer of young kids here.

Most swimmers couldn't handle swimming the whole hour, so they were in teams; but 10 others-including me- swam the whole thing. Here's were my shameless bragging starts.

I came in third and was the fastest female, swimming 124 laps, or 3,100 meters.

My next post will be ultra humble and uber spiritual to make up for this prideful boasting.

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