Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today I Had an Everest Moment

While jogging laps around a semi-picturesque park in DOHS Baridhara, I noticed a new addition to the play area. A thick thirty foot rope dangled temptingly towards the ground.


Without stopping to think, I jogged over to the rope and pulled off my trainers. Quickly I grabbed the rope and shimmied to the top.

“Gotcha,” I tagged the top.

As I slid down to the ground I noticed half the people in the park had froze and were staring at me. Oh shoot, I forgot, girls aren’t supposed to do things like that in Bangladesh.

I grabbed my shoes and sat on a bench to lace them back on. Looking up, I saw a man grab the rope and attempt to climb it like I just did.

He fell.

Why did I climb that rope? Because it was there.


  1. Don't be ashamed! We Bakers do it all the time! (especially Jared!)

  2. lol.... I can just see that all happening... really funny!

  3. Accept J.J. usually falls out and breaks an arm! How's his loquat tree doing, is he taking care of it?

  4. Were on our 2nd rope of the year so far. we had to use a already been used spot where we tied it at the top of the tree tho.

  5. Elaine,
    A typical Baker!!!!

  6. I know that you can't wait to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro!