Monday, January 12, 2009

"The Friendship Divorce"

by E.G.B.

I sit on a miniature chair, the
Wooden back digging into my spine.
Fingerpaintings and bright posters
Cover the classroom walls.

I see two serious faces,
one molded into hard lines.
Coulors of the classroom fade
And suddenly I am in a courtroom.
Her lips crack their mold and the
Trial begins.

Grievances are listed-accusations
Against the core of who I am-
All uttered in Her flat voice.

It's over. I'm expected
To speak, to defend myself.
My mouth is dry, my tongue
Unable to form words. The words
To express my value of a friendship
She ruined.

My faces closes, a mask drops to
Hide my pain. A hard lump fills my
Throat and I am gasping for breath.
No words come.

She is the judge, the jury. I am
The unrepresented defense. Satisfied,
She delivers the verdict. I escape
The courtroom, where my tears erupt
Over a treasure lost.

1 comment:

  1. Friendships that dissolve are hard, just like a divorce. But we keep praying that something will renew the friendship and maybe get stronger the next time. But if it doesn't we can all grow from it.
    I feel your pain.