Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Snapshots Part III

Christmas Boxes
Saturday afternoon found me trudging down crumbling, twisted alleys laden with shoe boxes in a slum near a local Bengali church. Some other Kingdom Kid's leaders and I were bringing in shoe boxes filled with practical Christmas presnts, like toiletries and warm clothing, to a day care center for five to eleven year old children. The twenty boxes were lovingly put together by our kid's club children over the past few Thursday afternoons, and were a gifts to the impoverished day care children.
The day care has seventeen children crammed into a tiny apartment every day, six days a week. When we arrived the gorgeous, chocolate-colored little kids were neatly seated on a flowered sheet in the center room, eagerly awaiting our arrival. You could tell our visit was a momentous occasion for the children, as they were dressed in their nicest clothes and the girls had their hair done up in baubles and ornaments. Before we gave them their presents, they sang several songs to us, accompanying them with adorable made-up dance moves and hand motions. A couple of the bigger boys were too "grown up" for hand motions, so they kept time with small drums.
After that we sang "Hark the Herald, Angels Sing" to them, then passed out the gifts, which they recieved with shining eyes.
It was a lovely afternoon.

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