Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend Snapshots Part II


This morning was an annual charity duathlon. Last year Munkhzaya, a Mongolian friend of mine, competed and I took first place in our division, so this year I decided to venture out on my own and compete in the run and swim on my own.

I walked into the gym during pre-race registration carrying my gear in a tote bag and surveyed the competition. Hmm. Mostly familiar faces. The runners were the Dhaka Hash House Harriers while the swimmers were mainly from my Master's Swim Club. Nothing new here.

Feeling confident, I checked in and greeted some fellow swimmers before heading to the locker room. It was there my cockiness took a blow. As I put on my suit I listened to a couple of ladies in my division chat about the fifteen-yes, FIFTEEN- mile run they'd done yesterday. This duathlon was their "recovery " run.

Gulp. Fifteen miles? If I run twelves miles I feel proud of myself, while they talked about running fifteen miles like a mundane, daily event. A thought hit me. Maybe fifteen miles was a daily event for them? I peeked over at them, noting their tennis ball calf muscle's and toned legs.

But I didn't have time to worry as the race was starting.

"God, just let me do my best and have a good time," I tried to pray sincerely.

Now the race is over and I took fourth place out of ten women in the women's individual 400 meter swim and 4 kilometer run. Definitely not as good as last year, but last year I wasn't running again marathon running Amazon women.

Now it's time for my version of "recovery" in the form of a good long nap.

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