Friday, April 2, 2010

Community Building Continued

Monday-Friday: This week I have built community by celebrating each day leading up until Easter Sunday-resurrection day. Palm Sunday we celebrated Jesus' triumphal arrival into Jerusalem on, surprisingly enough, a donkey. Jesus entered gently like a lamb to recapture his people rather than a battle horse to recapture the conquered city. A friend and I discussed how Jesus will return again, but this time as a roaring lion ready to fight!

Each day since Sunday we've been tracing Jesus last week on earth and what he did. In case you aren't familiar with his Easter week doings:

Sunday: Jesus' triumphal entry.
Monday: Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple.
Tuesday & Wednesday: Jesus preaching in the temple.
Thursday: Jesus instituted the Passover.
Friday: Jesus' crucifixion.

Thursday evening Marie and shared Passover together by taking communion. Friday morning we went to a Good Friday service and took communion again. Remembrance of not only what Jesus did, but continues to do over and over again for me is sweet! We need to remember so we can be thankful for the present.

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