Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Pouring

Rachel Lynde's officious phrase in Anne of Green Gables, "I do declare, it doesn't rain but it pours" used to annoy me endlessly. But I have to confess this cliche's been creeping in and out of my head this past week.

After my late night roof dancing last Friday night, I slept for 4 hours before heading off to my school's charity sale, which I'd been organising for 2 months in aid of a local slum school. It went well, attracting several hundred people and raising 40,000 taka, beside being an enjoyable community event for students, teachers, parents, local expats, and nationals alike.

After the hectic, but fun, weekend, I headed into a new week of school to face-dum dee dum dum-report writing! Ah, report writing, a time consuming teacher task in British schools.
So I trudged through reports, only to have the Year 3 teacher, Esther, fall sick with a harsh strain of dengue fever on Monday. Drat those disease-ridden mosquitos! Consequently, I've been sleeping on Esther's floor for the past five nights and during the day trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to make her comfortable as she struggles through fever and intense aching and burning. After 4 days of not having the energy to walk and barely enough to even talk, she's a bit better today. The fact that she sat up in bed and smiled this morning made my day!
Now that Esther's on the path to recovery (fingers crossed and Lord willin'), some new event is sure to descend on me.

Or is the rain easing up?

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  1. We have been praying for Esther! Glad to hear of some improvement.

    Kudos on the charity event!